Friday, March 27, 2015

Bookmarks from Craft'ed

Hello all! Looking for some adorable bookmarks? Look no further! I bought these bookmarks from the Etsy shop Craft'ed, which delightfully replaced my random receipt I used to keep my spot. I love how colorful they are and the drawing style! These are also great because they are magnetic so you will certainly not lose your page! Prepare yourself for the cuteness ahead ;)

Up House

I love using this umbrella bookmark in my planner!

Everyone needs a Frozen bookmark. Let it goooooooo!

What bookmark do you use? Have any places you love buying them from? Comment below!


  1. I have checked out this store several times and finally need to order some. I am and Adventure Time nerd and have to get one of Finn and Jake.

    1. Their bookmarks are so cute! You'll love them!