Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Blog

Welcome to Bigfoot and Button's Book Blog!

Hello! Steven and I wanted to start a project and we figured a book blog would be the perfect fit. I love reading and this year I want to make more time to read. In 2014 I was constantly busy with internships and school and I really miss sitting down with a good book at night. It is also just so fun to discuss books. Whenever I finish a book I am always dying to talk about it, but usually no one I know has read the book. Through this blog I want to talk about the books I read and hopefully inspire others to read too!

Steven is going back to school for creative writing this year so reading more books will help him with his studies and he of course loves reading too! Steven has a very different taste in books, but it will be interesting to have multiple perspectives. We want to read each other's favorites and see how our views differ, which will be fun!

Some of the posts we are planning include TBRs, reviews, tags, the book photo challenge, and bookish new year resolutions! Comment below if you have any specific posts you would like to see!

Here's to a great 2015 filled with lots of good reads!
-Bigfoot (Jessica)

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